Keep getting an error 'syntax before struct_acc' but cant see where can YOU?!
(it's like finding woldo to me)

void print_customer_statement(char customer[])
{     int choice;
	struct_acc Acc[SIZE];
	FILE *file_ptr;
	int i=0;

	file_ptr = fopen(customer, "rb");

	if (file_ptr == NULL) 
		printf("Error in Opening files... Program End\n");

		    fread(&Acc[i], sizeof(struct_acc), 1, file_ptr);

    sort_date(struct_acc Acc[], int n);//Here Is Where the error is??


When you pass arrays, you pass the pointer, not the entire array. And you can't declare variables inside a function. Thus, your function call would look like:

sort_date(Acc, n);

>sort_date(struct_acc Acc[], int n);//Here Is Where the error is??
That should be a function call, however you are making it like if it were a prototype of the function sort_date.

it's always somthing stupid with me thanks John A, And once again you've helped me out Aia thanks!!