I am working on a programm that requires one to write a program that outputs your first and last intials in block letters. The block letters should be made up of small letters that match your block letter. If PS is the block letter then p should be made up of small p's and s made up of small s's. These letters should appear to be 8 spaces high. Thus far, I have string name << string name = "PS "; <<. Can someone lead me in the right direction. Thanks much.

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For each letter something like:

char const * letter_A[8] = {
"      A        ",
"     A A      ",
"    A   A     ",
"   AAAAA   ",
"  A        A  ",
" A          A ",
"                ",
"                "

and a function which takes a string and returns a struct of 8 lines composed from that letter_? arrays.


Thanks so much. The way I had it written out was the using cout << "P" << endl. It was not working. I can go on from here. Thanks again.

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