I am new to java, I went to an interview yesterday....Interviewer asked me What is Object Oriented programming...I find a bit difficulty is aswering for that.Can you please give a good explanation for this question....

Thank You....

In procedural language the building blocks of a project is procedures(functions) in object oriented project the building blocks are objects (classes) .

if you had a job interview for a Java programmer and don't even know what object oriented programming is you're a complete fraud.

object orientated programming is using objects to code so as to remove the need for global variables, create better securer code and programming at a higher level than that of machine code.

I think you should go and browse google to be able for you to find a the right term and definition of object oriented.. good luck..

You don't need to know by heart the exact definition of OOP in order to be able to write code. Just know how to use objects correctly.

And that's why there are so many pisspoor programmers. They "learn" a few tricks and think they know what it's all about.