I am currently trying to export data from a excell db to a vb.net and create some for loops so I can generate data from it.

anyway I got the whole thing working apart from I cant get the list box to show all the data in the column instead of just one value.

column1string = ds.Tables("query1").Rows(0).Item(0)

If I try and change Rows(0) to something like
Rows(0, 100) or Rows(0-100) it just says it can't handle more than one integer

can anyone help with this please?

Why dont you just make it a varable and run a loop?

for x = 0 to ds.Tables("query1").Rows.count-1
column1string = ds.Tables("query1").Rows(x).Item(0)

not sure of the
you might use length.

thanks I sorted it, I did the following

For Count = 1 To 267
            column1string = ds.Tables("query1").Rows(Count).Item(0)
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