I just started using DevC++ (ty Ancient Dragon) to learn C/C++. I am starting with the basic Hello World! The online tutorial I am following (which seems pretty good to me, but what do I know...yet) does not express how to check my work.

I remember seeing a C tutorial that had an example of how to keep the DOS? window open to see if the code you are writing is correct. Do I even need to keep it open. Right now, all
I am getting is the flashing window.

I have written the code as follows...

//my first c++ program

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main ()
 cout <<"Hello World!";
 return 0;

I then click the "compile and run" button.

Thank you for any direction...

Google should be the first place to ask questions because it can often get you the answers very quickly. And we've had that same question asked here on DaniWeb a billion times -- once just this morning that I know of.

Yes, thank you again, sir.

I have been trying to get things together on my own for a few weeks. Getting the compiler running and all. I guess I got lazy and couldn't wait to actually start with the programming.

And I promise to take my time (and stop wasting others') and actually look through posts, threads and do a Google search.

Thank you again, for taking the time to stop and answer a newbies ?

>>Yes, thank you again, sir.
Please don't call me sir -- I had to work for a living :)

>>Thank you again, for taking the time to stop and answer a newbies ?
No problem -- that's what we're here for :)

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