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hi there, here is a major difference between Visual Basic 5, 6 etc and visual basic.net. Visual basic.net....

is Microsoft's designated successor to Visual Basic 6.0, and is part of Microsoft's .NET platform. Visual Basic.Net compiles and runs using the .NET Framework. It is not backwards compatible with VB6. An automated conversion tool exists, but for many projects automated conversion is impossible

found this quote here:


hope this helps.


I know vb.net not vb

vb.net is vb.

I want to ask is there so much difference b/w vb & Vb.Net.

not much different, you will find about encapsulation in vb.net, you cannot access class directly in .net.
others think is same, if you good in vb 6 there are none problem to migrate.


I don't believe it is that easy...

The syntax is quite the same but VB.NET uses the .NET framework (Duh) which has extended functionality.

It is true that almost all functions/methods of VB can be used in VB.NET but the other way around this is not the case...

If you are used to using .NET functions to get things done (which I think you should in VB.NET) it might be tricky to start coding in VB6

(... but surely not impossible ;) ...)

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