Hi, I am new to using dev. C++ and i was wondering if anyone could help me start writing the code. I know how to open up a new project but thats about it. Please help me?

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what code do you want to write? what compiler and operating system do you have ? There are lots of tutorials and books about how to get started. See some of the Read Me threads at the beginning of this c++ board for a lot of other help.


The best way to start understanding some particulary language is to start with the simpliest stuff, even with that 'borring' introduction of program itself.
When you get some knowledgement of what program language can do, start with simple functions, like: cin, cout (input,output), and declarations of data itselves, like: string,integer, double, char...
After that , you can move to higher level of directing the program flow (if, switch...), and looping (while, do while...).

The best way to start is to get some book, something like 'Learn C++ in 21 days' or something like that.
Anyway goodluck with that.

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