Hi all,

I am doing an application that involves server and client side, the server side is responsible for storing, and retrieving the files, with some little manipulations.

The UTF-8 encoding is being used as our default charset, and the data display correct on any java client, like eclipse, or any text editor. Now our problem, is that sometimes there are some special cases when users type some chars, they appear like squares or some funny chars on the input fields of the client, examples are Chinese, and Turkish languages. If it was an encoding problem, then every thing must be displayed funny, but this is not the case of the application.

Am I missing some settings in my client ?


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Is your client having this problem only with your software? Because the client may need to have the font installed or the Install Files for complex script ... thing enabled if it is windows. Check with that pc if it is configured properly to support that specific language. Otherwise if it is problem with your software only, then I can't say what is happening.

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