)Seat Reservation prog for the theatre. Write a function for seat allocation for the movie tickets. Total no of seats available are 200. 20 in each row. Each row is referred by the Character, "A" for the first row and 'J' for the last. And each seat in a row is represented by the no. 1-20. So seat in diffrent rows would be represented as A1,A2....;B1,B2.....;........J1,J2... Each cell in the table represent either 0 or 1. 0 rep would seat is available , 1 would represent seat is reserved.

Booking should start from the last row (J) to the first row(A). At the max 20 seats can be booked at a time. if seats are available, then print all the seat nos like "B2" i.e (2 row, 3 col) otherwise Print "Seats are not available." and we must book consecutive seats only.

Tackle this problem one small step at a time, don't get overwhelmed and attempt to do it all at once. Start out very simply, with int main() and create a 2d char array that represents the rows and columns. Get that to compile without errors and then move on to the next step. Add a menu that asks if you want to reserve seats, cancel reservations, or quit. Then write a function to implement each of those menu items.

I hope you gave yourself plenty of time to do this program because it might take you several days, depending on how well you know the c++ language.