i would like to code a toypiano using SDL and c++.--a simple program which will emit a note when a graphical representation of a piano key is clicked.
how do i call a particular midi note(corresponding to piano note)using SDL.(i am beginner with SDL and midi stuff,with adequate knowledge of c++).where should i look for relevant info-which midi corresponds to which note etc..

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sorry for not being specific.i have gone thru' image loading,event handling,audio management tutorials and i am ok with it.(i have used wxwidgets so was comfortable..).i also found a code to call midi note with frequency,instrument no. as variable here.

that code uses winmm.h along with SDL ,i thought SDL may have a way of playing a particular midi note given above parameters.Looks like it can only play a loaded midi file.

so,my question is,is there a platform independent way of playing a midi note,given frequency,instrument no. etc thru' SDL or any other library.thanks!

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