I have created several new components but cannot get them to appear in the tool palette. (BDS2006).

The components are created in a package that compiles. The package includes the register procedure in the Interface and the implementation sections as follows:

Procedure Register;
RegisterComponents('JESComp', [TcolorButton, TAButton, TBButton, TCButton, TDButton, TEButton]);

When they are installed a window informs me that they are installed and that iot has installed the button components However, the JESComp category does not show up in the Tool Palette with the various components listed under the category.

The dcp and bpl files have been generated and they are on the library and output search paths.

Unfortunately, the category is not created in the Tool palette and the buttons don't show up. They are listed in the install list available in the install packages menu option of Components

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

I got a compnent added to the palette by installing it and then going to the install option in the component menu. The package is shown in the dialog box with a check, but i had to select it and then add it again to get the component to show. Is this the standard procedure or is something not working right in my IDE? I would think that when you install a component package and receive the message that it is installed, that it would not require this additional step. Does anyone know of a resource on the web or at Codegear that explains what is going on, such as where the list of installed compnents is kept, where all the standard compnents are etc.? Perhaps something is missing that prevents the IDE from fully registering these new components.