I am in the process of learning VBNET i am working on a program that wants me to use an input box so the user can insert an amount of pennies. ideally the projram is supposed to come up with the result on how many dollars, quarters, dimes,nickels, and pennies the user wouldget for cashing in thire pennies. My problem is im not sure what math procedure i sould use and how to word it. can someone give me some ideas???

You don't need any math procedure (assuming you mean a library function) as this task involves no more than is simple arithmetic:

Do While pennies >= 5
  If pennies >= 100 Then
    dollars += 1
    pennies -= 100
  Else If pennies >= 25 Then
    quarters += 1
    pennies -= 25
  Else If pennies >= 10 Then
    dimes += 1
    pennies -= 10
  Else If pennies >= 5 Then
    nickels += 1
    pennies -= 5
  End If

will that make it do 2448 pennies is so many dollars,so many quarters, so many dimes , so many nickels, so many [pennies. sort of like what the coin star machins will do..? But this exercise is not supposed to use loops but thanks for the suggestion.

this is what happened when i tried the loop you suggested :
i entered the amount of pennies as 9559
the out put was 69 dollars, 2.00 in quarters, no dimes 1.00 in nickels and no pennies. i do not belive this is correct. here is the code maybe i typed it wrong:

Private Sub CalculateButton_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles CalculateButton.Click
    Dim intB, IntQ, intD, intN, intP As Integer
    Do While mstrPennies >= 5
        If mstrPennies >= 100 Then
            intB += 1
            mstrPennies -= 100
        ElseIf mstrPennies >= 25 Then
            IntQ += 1
            mstrPennies -= 25
        ElseIf mstrPennies >= 10 Then
            intD += 1
            mstrPennies -= 10
        ElseIf mstrPennies >= 5 Then
            intN += 1
            mstrPennies -= 5
        ElseIf mstrPennies >= 1 Then
            intP += 1
            mstrPennies -= 1
        End If
    Me.DollarTextLabel.Text = intB
    Me.QuarterTextLabel.Text = IntQ
    Me.DimesTextLabel.Text = intD
    Me.NickelTextLabel.Text = intN
    Me.PenniesTextLabel.Text = intP
    Me.DollarTextLabel.Text = Format(Me.DollarTextLabel.Text, "currency")
    Me.QuarterTextLabel.Text = Format(Me.QuarterTextLabel.Text, "currency")
    Me.DimesTextLabel.Text = Format(Me.DimesTextLabel.Text, "currency")
    Me.NickelTextLabel.Text = Format(Me.NickelTextLabel.Text, "currency")
    Me.PenniesTextLabel.Text = Format(Me.PenniesTextLabel.Text, "currency")

does anyone else have any ideas.

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