The population of rabbits on a small island in Poole harbour is being monitored.
there are curently 495 rabbits on the island. It is estimated that the population will grow by 20 % a year until the population exceed 1000, after which the growth ratewill be 10 % a year.write a program to calculate how many years (integer value) will elapse before the rabbit population exceed 1500. [please use integral numbers for rabbits -rabbits should not have fractional parts .]

Well let's see, there are 495 rabbits on an island. The next year, there will be 20% of 495 more rabbits. The year after that, it will be 20% of however many rabbits there are, meaning the number of new rabbits on the island each year will increase. Do you have any ideas how you would solve this problem yourself? Before you can use a loop to calculate this, you will need to clearly understand the problem and be able to recognize how you would compute this mathematically. What type of logic would you use to work this problem out with pencil and paper?

It is forum policy that we do not do any homework for you without you showing effort. So please let us help you. See if you can figure out how you would solve this program mathematically. Then together we can dive into converting your pseudocode / logic to actual C++ syntax.