Can any one tell me how to convert any types of file to pdf? I want a shell script or a software in opensource?
is there any software that can do this?

Please help me. I would be very much thankfull to u.

thanx in advance
Dushyant Joshi

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Hey there,

Do you just want to take your work and put it in a pdf? You'd just need the Adobe Acrobat software.

I'm not sure how to create a pdf in a shell script, if that's what you mean.

Best wishes,


You can use ipdf (not sure of the project page, but it's in the ports tree in FreeBSD.)

Here's how I use it in a bash script:

ipdf -o daily_report.pdf -m letter-p -f 11 -F Courier -s 'Daily user report from MyServer' -a 'My Name' -t 'Daily User Report' daily_report.txt

This takes the contents of a text file (daily_report.txt) and outputs it to daily_report.pdf with the various options (portrait, Courier font, ps 11, with my name as the creator, and the name of the report embedded in the "properties" info.)

Once you install it, the manpage gives quite detailed information on all the various options/switches.


Thanq very much for the replies.

Can the script convert any documents to pdf?

for e.g.,
.txt,.doc,.pst,.xls, and all others...which contains text or images..

dushyant joshi

It looks like it only converts text files, according to the project page at

"Creates indexed pdf documents from text files. Designed to aid creating an electronic distribution method for legacy system reports, since many mainframe type print spools are plain text. Allows indexing, customizing page settings, font size, font face, and super-imposing text over an image in the case of using pre-printed forms. Supports unlimited levels of indexing bookmarks in documents and system/user configuration files. Suitable for use in an intranet gateway for generating PDF documents in real-time."

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