i have a report design made within visual basic using crystal reports 8.5. Right now i need to made the report preview 4 of it in one 8.5x11 bond paper. I know i need to change the design to make it fit if im going to make it 4 at a time, but the problem is how do i make it that there will be 4? anyone who have some ideas on how to solve this?

What is that 4 ?

You want to print 4 copies at once
Four labels on a single page ?

do you mean to preview 4 reports in a single sheet?

yup 4 reports in a single page.. for example from records 1-4 8-12.. is there a way to do this?

i dont think its posible,

the least u can do is,
to design the sheet to handle the record of all four page,

try google-ling about your prob u may found something bout this