Hi, I am given assignment to develop simple games on applet. I have problem understanding the function of some abstract class... any1 would like to explain to me? Thx in advance.

class snakeGame extends Applet implements Runnable
   Thread runner;

   public void init(){}
   public void start(){}
   public void stop(){}
   public void destroy(){}
   public void run(){}
   public void update(Graphics g){}

this is basically wat i will deal wit. My problem is that i am not sure wit wat run, uppdate and Thread will do. Some1 pls explain to me... I am unable to understand what it actually do even thought i read throught the API.

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this is link is nice in explaining init, start, stop and destroy. However, i cant find what i want which is related to run(), update() and Thread. Anyway, thx for being concern.

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