Hi all, just a quick question....
is there ever a need to implement an infinite loop? in what situations would it be a good idea to use one (if any)? thanks for your time!

could an infinite loop be used to check if certain events (eg login) have occurred? along with break statements to break out of the loop?

break statement inside the loop doesn't make it an infinite loop. (that's my opinion of course) Others might have better suggestions

ok javaAddict thanks for the reply. BTW I like your GITS avatar!

While not really being "infinite", while(true) { } loops are seen fairly often in concurrent processes for things like polling for tasks in a work queue. They execute in a try-catch block for InterruptedException and that provides the mechanism for shutting them down gracefully.

A server awaiting incoming connections may use an infinite loop, often in another thread.

ok Ezzaral and Phaelax thanks for the replies that does make sense. I am just aware that often infinite loops are a product of logic errors and wondered if there was ever a need to use an infinite loop. Cheers!