I have deployed a website.
I am able to access the webpages from the server using local host and machine name

but when i try to access the web page from the client machine i am getting "page cannot be displayed" error"

I have given full access to all users including anonymous,asp.net,IUser,Launch IIS user,system useretc

i gave access on each folder.But no use

IIS version is 5.1
IIS is running fine
I have given Anonymous login authentication in IIS

Please help me

Thanking you

It can be one of a couple of things that's causing the problem. What is the IP set to on IIS for "Website Identification" and Host Header? Make sure it is all unassigned.

Is your machine running a firewall? (Maybe even Windows Firewall, for XP for instance -- or McAffee or Symantec.) If so, you need to open port 80.