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Hi there,i have joined newly to this site....I am a learner as off now.i am developing a [COLOR="Green"][B]windows application [/B][/COLOR]using I have two types of users [COLOR="Red"]Admin[/COLOR] and [COLOR="Red"]Normal [/COLOR]users. I am having one login screen.i want the application to identify the two types of users when they enter …

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Totally a newbie question.. Sorry. My co-worker & myself are seeing that C# is the prefered language over VB. We would like to change, but right now it is only to make sure we are more marketable as our company is going down the tubes. We cannot go to our …

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I am trying to verify that the email addresses entered into our site are valid. Basically are they fake addresses or not and if I send them an email there will be an inbox associated with that address. All I keep finding on the web is info for validating with …

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Hi, I'm sorry for offtopic, but I do not found any place to ask my question. Is there any recommendation on good time tracking software for developers (MSVC+MSDN+other soft)? I want to track a time I spend on each project, but I am unable to find anything that can track …

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Hi, I m currently working in VB.NET with I have the following string: sBIG = LTC16CS#PBF I need to find whether the above word contains any word say "#" How to get it? i need to capture "#" to do if else statement I could not find a method …

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Im queit new to programming, and currently taking my first year engineering at a college. During engineering i had to take a programming course and i like it quiet a bit, so im looking at getting a degree in a programming related field. No clue what i should transfer into …

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Having trouble with a simple database command I keep getting the error invalid column name and I cant seem to figure it out. Please help me figure out some possible problems Thanks. [CODE=VB] Dim ConnString As String ConnString = "Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS;AttachDbFilename= C:\inetpub\wwwroot\KiKoGraphics\App_Data\aspnetdb.mdf;Integrated Security=True;Connect Timeout=30;User Instance=True" Dim sqlConn As New SqlConnection(ConnString) …

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I am a programming student and active volunteer for a foundation, if anyone out there is kind enough to share some help please read below. I will need your help guys for a Simple Inventory System for a foundations' furniture and jewelry store. The software of course should follow the …

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Hi all, It may seem like a strange thing to have in a section dedicated to sorting out problems with Internet Explorer, but I have to ask. Why bother? Internet Explorer, which is actually deeply embedded into Windows itself rather than being a 'stand-alone' program, is deeply flawed and cannot …

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i have a hyperlink called companyname in gridview .when i click it has to open popup window and provides details of that company.can someone explain how to call popup window in hyperlink

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Hi, How to Open PDF document in web page without asking save/open/cacel dialogue . I have tried but every time it prompts for saving/opening or cancel action. Thanks in advance. Rakesh

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We have developed a website which connects to a third party Server and sends a request with some data, and receives the result and displays in our Website. We used IIS server to host this site. How this IIS server handles if two different users send data to server simultaneously? …

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I am creating an ASP.NET web page using Visual Web Developer and using C# as my script. Can anybody give me a code in C# that will load another aspx web page? The situation is like this: a page is loaded automatically when a user pressed a button and satisfied …

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I am using Visual Studio 2005 to build a website using ASP.NET and VB.NET. It is accessing data on SQL Server 2005. I have a form (actually it is in a wizard) that needs data populated from a sqldatareader. This all works for the first two steps in the wizard, …

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We all talking about the money all the day, work for it and spend it but do anyone think that from where the value of this currency is maintained, why the Dollars are having more value than someother currency. Just think and give your thoughts.

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Hi, I am receiving a stream of data (a text message) through a TCP listener. It then sends back a stream. Then the first computer (the client) sends another stream of data. Then I send back a response message. The first message is successfully received. The first response is successfully …

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I am using .net 2005. I have created a GridView with one column having a command button. The DataAdapter, DataSource, DataSet were created in code, not with wizards. When the command button is clicked, I can't figure out the syntax for retreiving the value from the first cell in the …

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i have one table.that contains one salary field.I want to find the third maximum row from that field.If anyone knows this please help me thanks

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I have sqltable which has two fields category_id category_name 1 india 2 africa 3 china In front end i have 2 text boxes categoryid category name But the category id field is read only , i mean i am automatically incrementing it by one. Then i am displaying the data …

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i am using and i dont know anything about paypal. i want paypal in my onlineeducation project.can u explain about it give code for that.whether we have to buy anything for that service.please give complete info about paypal. thank you in advance

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Hi All, i want send sms to any mobile in india through my application.i tried using webservice in sure?) .bt it's not working.i dont want pay money as this is is very small can any one plz help hw to send sms.any free gateway providers. thanks in advance. …

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how could i make a program that does not need to be active but will record the screen, mouse movement, and key presses and will display it all when the user wants to and it is password protected and can have it all sent to another of its programs on …

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Ok lets say i want to make a web browser with tabs how would i get the first tab to display a webpage like as soon as the application opens?

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Dear Friends, i host a website and use visual web developer for aspx ... i want to create a form , in which users will aftre logging to my page enter 10-12 fields and that will be appended in a backend database on my server eg MS Access... please suggest..

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Hi, I want my my input, just numberic allowed. if user key in alphabet, error message will show up. How can i do that?! Please help! Thanks

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Hi- Does anyone have any good code to watermark an image in I guess this would be effectively the same as overlaying a 2nd image on top of an existing image. Thanks, Eric

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im an intern student and my task is to make a popup message every 30 minutes to remind my boss about his task its like an alrm clock so i look on to the net and ive downloaded a file called PopupMessage Form and I want it to run it …

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Hi - I was wondering if there is a way to force a postback after the FileUpload1 control has a file... Right now, people his "Browse" select the file then click another button to upload the file. I want to write code on postback to automatically write the file to …

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Hi Friends, I'm a web developer bit a new to I want to access my remote Ms Sql database through [B]Visual Web Developer[/B] or [B]Sql management studio[/B] but despite of spending so much time and googling I'm not able to do that. My [B]database( [url][/url][/B] is on a server …

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