Hi, I've followed the example in my lecture notes and it doesn't work! I want to add an image to a label and then add that label to my sub north panel. I want to do this with creating a new class...I'm not sure if I need an "image loader" or to repaint it from the paint method...This code seemed to work for my lecturer:

logo = new ImageIcon("JavaProgram2/LogoGIF.GIF");
        logoLabel = new JLabel(" " + logo);
        row2.add(logoLabel);                             //row2 is the name of the panel

The label and logo is initialised at the beginning of my application with the Jlabel and ImageIcon var type, I have imported it, tried it without the file path with solely the file name and have tried different file types. I did look at previous posts about this but the code seemed a bit lengthly considering that I simply want to add an image.

Anyone got any ideas on how I could do this easily?

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The only thing I can think of looking at this code is: do you have an image file called LogoGIF.GIF in a subdirectory called JavaProgram2? Also, you have added the logoLabel to the panel, but you haven't provided the code where you add the logo to the panel or the panel to the rest of your GUI. Are you doing that?


lol yes I have the right name, I've looked at for a long time and row2 is a panel:

row1 = new JPanel();
row2 = new JPanel();

pNorth.add(row1, BorderLayout.NORTH);
pNorth.add(row2, BorderLayout.SOUTH);


I don't know, I've tried to resize it to a smaller size now and still doesn't work. I run out of ideas :( I know the panel works because it's added other buttons...

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