Hi all, I think I might try my hand at creating a text based adventure game in java. No I don't need cutting edge graphics, or state of the art fatalities etc what I am looking for is a solid, story driven adventure/RPG game. I would appreciate some advice on where one should start on such an embarkation? I.E. Should I begin with the menu design phase, story design phase, character design phase, class diagram and pseudo code design phases? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated although I am pretty sure I shall start at the story design phase. I have a rough (I mean, I only decided to go with this idea a few minutes ago) idea of how the game will work but I am unsure as to where I might store the dialogs that characters require upon interaction with the player. I.e. will they be stored in a database somewhere or hard coded? If any of you know of a good site regarding starting such a project, I would love a link ! Thanks for your time!

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Great! Thanks for the link - seems most useful Ezzaral!

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