The aim of this assignment is to write a program that simulates a small collection of computers on a Lan sending messages to another small collection of computers on another Lan. There is a Wan connection between each Lan. This introduces the concepts involved in simulating a simple Lan-Wan-Lan connection where multiple messages are being sent over a Wan connection involving a simple multiplexed Wan backbone. The implemented flow control is to be stop and wait per message per machine and the Wan backbone is to implement 2 forward channels (one fast and the other slow) with a third channel providing a constant (fast) return of acknowledgements

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We, at Daniweb, do not do your homework assignments for you. If you require specific assistance with a certain part of your code, post it, and we'll help you out; however, it is not our place to do your work for you.

Feel free to repost this question, and provide examples of your own code so we may help troubleshoot it. That's what we're here for: to help you learn, not help you cheat.

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