I hope someone has seen this before because I have spent way too long in failing to solve it.

I am using VWD 2008 express edition. I am trying to add a reference to the Microsoft Word 10.0 Object library. I won't work. I get this strange error:

A reference to 'Microsoft Word 10.0 Object library' could not be added. Converting the type library to a .NET assembly failed. A dependent type library 'VBIDE' could not be converted to a .NET assembly. A dependent type library 'Office' could not be converted to a .NET assembly. Item has already been added. ....

In my hours of trouble shooting I have added both Interop.VBIDE.dll and Interop.Microsoft.Office.Core.dll as references. That doesn't solve the problem neither does removing them from the references.


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I couldn't find a way to add the Word 10.0 Object reference to VWD 2008 express. Maybe this is because it is a free IDE?

I found a way around it. I made a class library in VB.NET and added the Word Object reference there. When it built, it copied, converted or created the Interop.VBIDE.dll, Interop.Microsoft.Office.Core.dll and Interop.Word.dll and placed them in the bin/release directory.

I then used those dlls as a reference in VWD. Every thing works fine now. What a kludge!

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