Errr... anyone knows what this means in Delphi language?

i : integer; 

i := i - $24;

It's actually in a function that completes a WAV file header something similar to the Microsoft's RIFF specification for WAV. The code goes something like this.

procedure TForm1.StopRecording;
	i: integer;
	bRecord.Caption := 'Record';
	WaveStream.Position := 4;
	i := WaveStream.Size - 8;
	WaveStream.Write(i, 4);
	i := i - $24;
	WaveStream.Position := 40;
	WaveStream.Write(i, 4);
	WaveStream.Position := 0;
	// create a stream from the recorded data
	chan := BASS_StreamCreateFile(True, WaveStream.Memory, 0, WaveStream.Size, 0);
	if chan <> 0 then
		// enable "Play" & "Save" buttons
        bPlay.Enabled := True;
        bSave.Enabled := True;
		MessageDlg('Error creating stream from recorded data!', mtError, [mbOk], 0);

I could understand what the rest are doing but I kinda puzzled with the $24 thing...any clues?

Thanks in advance.

Oh ok ... stupid me...

$24 means a value of 36

just a hexadecimal thing like $10 is the same as A in Hex.

Got confused it with compiler directives.... :mrgreen:

Thanks to myself...:cheesy:

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