I am in my final year for IT and have to submit a topic for my final year project in 4 days. I have to use Java(core) and J2EE something related to client-server. I am totally confused. Please help. Just give me some interesting topic ideas. Any thing else related with j2ME might also do.

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you could have known you'd need to have your submission ready months ago.
The fact that you've not even started writing one yet shows that you're not interested whatsoever in doing your job.
That means that we don't want you as a potential colleague, as you'd be unreliable and almost certainly unskilled as well.

IOW, tough luck kiddo. Better luck next year.

commented: Why you are so Demotivitaing.....Its better not to reply than writing hard words to anyone +0

In 4 days you can probably write 2 chat client talking to each other using socket programming. Good luck to your project assignment.

The person just seems to have to decide on a TOPIC, not yet a project.

commented: I am happy u ubnderstood what he has aked, the above 2 failed to reply him properly +2

so? He could think up a topic and write the program in 2 days, so 4 should be more than enough to just come up with a topic and write it down.

That's true though. Can't argue with that. The person should have enough time to think of a valid topic.

i just have to submit a valid topic and have got a year to work on it. I dont have to submit the code. just want some topic ideas to submit my project. neways its been extended to a week now.

jwenting it seems that u dont understand english at all. I just have to submit a topic not the complete project.

I understand English better than you do it seems, as you clearly misread what I wrote.

Fact remains that you're a homework kiddo who wants others to do its work for it, whatever that work may be.
Right now it may be writing your project plan for you, but no doubt you'll afterwards come back and want the entire project implemented because you can't be bothered to do it yourself because you're too busy playing games.

Shut up i dont need directions from u besides i just wanted a topic. and fyi i already got one and have statred working on it

commented: jwenting relaly deserves that Shut up from you +2
commented: nothing wrong with asking a question +4

Well that's not very polite for a princess.

typical attitude for a spoiled little brat of a princess...

Most princesses are far from nice girls, they never need to be because everyone always does their bidding...

When they then get into contact with the real world they get a major culture shock when they find out that not everyone is a servant you can sneer at and abuse and they'll just shrug it off and do their bidding anyway.

Thread closed.

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