hello everyone. im a newbie at working with c++ and i have just got my assignment and it is to create a piece of software to analyse images of coins. can someone help me?

i just need help starting it off then i can get the rest done. never done c++ and this is my first attempt at using it

Its hard to believe that any teacher would give that assignment in a Programming 101 type into class.

You would probably have to write some sort of pattern recognition program, which is highly specialized and advanced type of programming. Not something that a newbe, or many oldtimers, could tackle.

Sounds like you had bettern drop that course like a hot potato.

Has your teacher give you the image processing algothirm for coins ? else you are trying to do it from scratch ?

Before I say anything else: I fully agree with Ancient Dragon. This is NOT an assignment for a beginner in C++.

But if you decide to go ahead and give it a try: I would suggest using OpenCV for image-processing

What country are you from? Do your coins have different sizes? If yes:
OpenCV has a function FitEllipse which you can use on images. These images have to be converted to B/W-contour images first, but this can also be achieved with OpenCV.
The FitEllipse tries to fit Ellipses (duh..) in a closed contour.
If you use the FitEllipse() function, you can easily check what diameter the circle is and then with a small formula convert this to inches/CM and you know what coin you have.

If you are interrested in OpenCV and it's functions, I can explain in more detail how you could tackle this problem and how to use the OpenCV functions.

I also have a color-detection-code that a wrote a while ago, if you're interrested in OpenCV, I might post it here .