I am a computer engineering Student having knowledge of basics in C++.

I have to make a C++ project (pharmacy and its inventory).

Please guide me how to make such an online project in C++.

What all tools i need to use and how much time they will take.

I have time not more 2 weeks:icon_rolleyes: .

Plzzzzz help me.

First you should get an overview of what is best suited to your problem!

As you write about an "ONLINE" (!) project and about yourself having "BASIC" (!) knowledge of C++, it seems that PHP would be a much better approach for you. It IS basically a C type language, has a much better online documentation of all functions that you WILL need for an online project (assuming it should be some service) and has a much faster learning curve.

You SHOULD, however, invest SOME hours in security issues about servers in the internet, if you have the intend to not pay the server power for pirates in the internet.
That comes ADDITIONALLY to whatever solution you are going to establish.

As you write about having 2 weeks, you will have to use existing solutions (look for PHP projects around webshops or such things) and only adopt them to your special task. That would be widely enough to do for you.

Do NOT expect to be able to LEARN a programming language, DEVELOP a NEW project, SETUP a NEW server, combine it with the new project, harden the whole thing against intruders and at last hand this all over to some other body who would have to understand that all. It's simply out of possibility.

One last thing to say: Do NEVER expect ANYBODY to help you at posting more than 3 of the same char in a row!

but i didnt write that it is an online project
and i want to add that ia have basics of c++ and visual basic

>but i didnt write that it is an online project
Hmm? It sure looks like you did:

Please guide me how to make such an online project in C++.


Please guide me how to make such an online project in C++.


But OK, if NOT, questions keep hanging in the air: WHAT project of (or for) pharmacy (aside such things as pencil enlargements mailers - do really, really not hope for ANY hints here if you have intend to deliver SUCH things...) and WHAT project for any inventory is the thing you are about to make.

It completely sounds as if you have just heard about an idea of a friend to make something and have assured him a little to hastily about putting it to live...

First, YOU would have to become a clear impression of what you are about to to. THAT MUCH clear, that you could explain that to someone other. AFTER THAT, come again and we will see...

(Well, to put it more clearly: Overdressed, it sounds like "I want to build a space station, just give me some hints, you guys!")

First think what you are going to do .
Then find easy ways for programming
Write algorithm
convert it into codes.
It is what programming is.....
If u need help in cplusplus then visit http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/.

but how can i write the algorithms
plzzzzzzz help me plzzzzzzzzzz

Well, here's one possible starting point, but you really need to determine how you are going to approach this on your own.

class pharmacy
   string name
   string address
   string phone number
   string email address
   list<Product> inventory
   list<Invoice> sales

class Product
   string name
   double cost

class Invoice
  Date date
  list<Product> purchases
  double costOfPurchases
class Date
   int day
   int month
   int year

i think it is easier using vb
but i dont know any thing about vb
plz tell me from where can i learn vb easier
i mean which site or book
thank you all

>i think it is easier using vb
I think you're expecting the grass to be greener on the other side of the fence.

>but i dont know any thing about vb
Then how do you know it's easier?

>plz tell me from where can i learn vb easier
I get the feeling you won't find it easier to learn any programming language.

>i mean which site or book
Just go to a bookstore and pick one that you understand.