Any hints in converting this C++ code to java

I have pretty good idea what is going on in main () , but I not sure about the top template part and the class called Moron :)

The program just reads a text file counts up the frequency of each word. I have a Java version that uses HashMap but I need to convert this since it's much faster :)

You might want to search google for info about C++ pointers, but the code looks pretty straight forward for porting it to Java.

Huh? If you have no answer or hint why even reply with something as silly as the above? "google poiinters". What on earth?

And how do you figure it's a silly answer? You don't say what about the code you do not understand. Is he supposed to just know that you understand pointers? Do you? Do you expect someone to just explain every portion of "that top template part" to you in excruciating detail?

Perhaps if you can write a clear question you may receive a clear answer - though after that last response I wouldn't bet too much on it.