I developed several macros on my computer, but then I copied and pasted the macros on the c drive>program files> microsoft office> templates of several of my users so that they can access the macros when they go into Word. In Word, they click file> new and choose the macro they want to run. This works great. Then my users wanted me to add a DTPicker calendar to the user forms of the macros because there are several places where they are required to enter dates and having the calendar makes it a lot easier. When I added the calendar on my computer, it works great. When I updated their computers with the revised macros, I got this error message: Project or Libraries missing. I did some research and came up with this solution: I needed to istall isdesign.ocx and mscomct2.ocx. I am not sure what these objects are or what they do? Where can I learn more about .ocx and what their purpose is? :roll:

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I cannot believe that "NO ONE" has any idea what I am talking about. Does anyone know about these ocx's????????????

I read your original post right after you first wrote it but sorry, no experience with Word macros other than I know what they are.

I appoligize, I overlooked your thread on the forms (ed: Dani!! We need the recent post screen back!).

Most ".ocx" files, are user controls. Simply do a find on your computer for the two required files, and copy them to the same place on the other computers. I'm *pretty* sure that is all you need to do.

If that doesn't work, get back to us. I have a few more ideas.

Thanks Tekmaven. I did copy the files to the other computers, but I am still getting complaints from my users. You see, I added a DTPicker to the user forms to enable then to add dates quickly. These DTPickers worked great on my computer, but gave them errors on theirs. I was told that is the user's computers don't have VB loaded, then I should load it and that should fix the problem, but that is a very expensive fix. Too many licenses to purchase.

I apoligize, I neglected one important thing. You must register the OCX's on each computer with RegServer.

The command is:

regsvr32 C:\Path\To\whatever.ocx

Incase soemthing gets messed up, to unregister the OCX:

regsvr32 -u C:\Path\To\whatever.ocx

Concerning licences, you would need to check with the distributor of each OCX to determine weather they are distributable for free.

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