Hey All!

I am trying to implement a clutch like system in a little project I'm creating,

Basically i am extracting information from a .csv file of the location of a users gaze whilst studying a standard desktop...

I have the methods, MoveClickGaze, and MoveMouse, however i want to implement a clutch like system whereby Move Mouse is the default method, but the user has the ability to press a key such as 'a' and the key press will invoke on the next cycle the method MoveClickGaze

I have been searching on interrupts and such but not yielding any significant results.. am i barking up the wrong tree here? Obviously it can be done such as the holding Ctrl button down whilst clicking in Windows will select multiple objects, but am confused to the difficulty of such a tast...

Any pointers or sample code will be greatly received,

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Hey all, i know that bumping isn't really cool... I've been up all morning researching this yet to no avail..

My thoughts is that i could listen for a key press, however my attempts at doing such means that at every iteration the program hangs as it waits for me to press a key again and again, I've not found a way by which it will only react when a key is pressed.. a check if you will

I'm aware that I haven't posted any code, which can put some people off, if you would like my code thats cool, though the code works independently, but I'm confused on how to a programming "clutch" if you will..

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Many thanks for your reply, i can see how you mean, but a keylogger is there to record what is happening.. the key the user is pressing is not too much of an issue, i'm hoping to define that..

I dont know if i'm just being difficult in my explanation, like what i am trying to make is

bool clutch= false;


method checkForInterrupt() {
has button "a" been pressed?
if = no
carry on with current method

if = yes
new code

I know that looks stupid but i can't think of any better way to convey my issue, i may be being a dunce and there might be a better way to think of it. But i'm here to learn so anythin anyone can suggest is great to me :D

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