I am new to assembly and really to programming in general. I have completely 1 MIPS assignment in my course so far, and it was merely to display a string. This 2nd one that I am working on is much more complex. I am to take up to five integers from a user and store them directly in memory, basicly an array. I am fairly sure I know how to get the input from the user and put it in a loop so that it refernces the array once I have it, I simply just have no idea how to code an array in MIPS.

Any help would be appreciated, Ive been trying things to no avail for some time.


Something along the lines of (you'll have to look up the exact MIPS syntax, I haven't used it in ages) .array: db(100) ; reserve a block of 100 bytes If you want to sythesise say char array[5][20]; it would be something like

move %r0,@array ; the start of the memory
move %r1,index  ; your subscript
mul r1,20,r1    ; the number of bytes in the minor dimension
add r0,r1,r0

r0 is now the start of array[index], which gives you 20 bytes to play with.