OK everyone, this is probably gonna be a stupid question, so brace yourself. I'm brand new to all this. I'm really not having a literal problem, but it's driving me nuts because I don't know what it is.

Forgive me if something like this has been discussed before. I just have no idea how to even find an answer without someone telling me. I've gone through the documentation, the beginners section says nothing of it, nor does the tutorial. I even tried Google, etc. Here's the thing. What is that little symbol in IDEAL when you press enter? It looks like a music notation.

Thanks a lot everyone,


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Anyone????? Here is a picture of what I mean. Surly someone knows what this is. It's driving me nuts!!!

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oops.... I was really tired when I wrote that. I mean IDLE. The GUI editor included with python. I'm running Win-XP home (if that matters)


To tell you the truth, I have never seen those before in IDLE and I run XP. Looks like you are showing the editor window. Are you running IDLE that comes with Python25?


Yea, I downloaded the latest version of Python from Python.org

Running the Python Command prompt confirms: Python 2.5.2

Everything works fine. But when I press enter to move down to the next line, one of these stupid symbols pops up, and I have to delete it. I tried running a program without deleting them, and it still works. Apparently Python ignores them, but it really makes my code look crappy, and it's such a hassle having to delete them every time I press enter. Sometimes they wont show up. If I press enter a bunch of times it skips a few. But as soon as I pause, and then I press enter; sure enough another one of these mystery notations pops up. It's extremely frustrating.


And yes, I am in a text editor. I simply open up the IDLE GUI editor, I go up, press 'File' then 'New' -- and then I write my programs in that new window.


OK, here is an update. I changed the font, and the symbol changed from a unusual music looking thing, to a little square. I went through all my fonts, and I can't get it to not show something. Either it shows a tiny square or it shows that symbol above. I'm at a loss here. Haven't a clue what is going on.


It looks like you are visualizing new line characters, actually empty lines. There is got to be an option setting somewhere in IDLE where you can turn this off.

I don't use IDLE, but mostly the PyScripter IDE.

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