i'm doing some memory altering but i've come to an standstill. here is my problem:
(ill try to write it as an example somwhow..)

i have an int (lets say int x). this int has an value of an memory address but in decimal
not in hex value. now i want to convert this decimal value into hex (lets say i have an int pointer (int *y). i want this y to be y=(int*)0xmemory_address_from_int_x_that_is_converted_to_hex
how can i convert that int x from decimal to hex and store it into y??

decimal or hex makes no difference, since it's all binary to the machine.

int x = 10;
int *y = (int*)x;

y is now 0xa, without you having to do anything special at all.

ty very much. never thought it would work like that :D

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