m a student and advance java in my course. and i have to make a project in java but i have no idea about the project in jdbc,jsp please any one have a project in java jdbc or jsp not a big project just minnor project please tell links or send me project on gurneks04@rediffmail.com

Hi everyone,

I don't understand what you are saying. Could you describe your project requirements in detail so we can give you our recommendations

Richard west

I think it's fishing for someone to create something using JDBC and JSP and send it to him via email so he can pass it off as his own in a homework assignment.

That's not just stupid, against forum rules, and immoral, it's also extremely impolite and against all commonly accepted nettiquette.

If it's indeed in an advanced course it should be able to write something like that itself, and if not it should have no need to ask for something like that but rather learn to write it itself.

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