I'm having some problems and i'm hoping someone can help. I'm using python 2.4 and have the pywin library installed.

I have a listbox which when I click on a description of a product displays the whole record, so for example I select "bike", and press a "select" button which i've created, in the IDLE window it will displays the rest of the record, so price and ID for example. What I would like to achieve is when I press select I have a textbox or similar that would display the record next to the listbox. For example if you see the image below which i've found on the net if the color window had my list of item descriptions and when selected would display the rest of the information in the box below. I'm quite noob with python put i'm also very stuck. If anyone could help that would be great. I can post any code needed.


Thanks in advance!!

I now have managed to create an entry control underneath my listbox. When i press the select button i have created it prints the record to the console, I would like to print it to the entry control. could anyone point me in the right direction?