I've got a problem in that I have a dll I've created and most of the functions work without any problem. There is only one function that throws the exception stated in the subject, NoClassDefFound.

I've checked the classpath along with all the other things I can think of, obviously.

What gets me is that other functions in the dll work find when called from the JNI Java wrapper.

Does anyone have any ideas as to where i might look to solve this problem?


The error message should also include the name of the class that is not found. Check that method for classes you may have missed on the class path and if it is a third-party library check that those runtime dependencies are also in your classpath.


Thanks for your reply. The problem was located elsewhere and this was a red herring. I'm tracking down the reason the JVM is crashing when I make a JNI call. The noClassDefFound was due to a compilation error in VS 2005. I've now gotten through that am now getting inot the fun stuff of debugging a DLL that the JVM is making calls into. YIPPEE.