can any1 here please write a code for me please????
these are the questions

Write a C++ program with a case structure. The program reads in a character from the user, then display its translation according to the following rules:
i. characters A, E, I, O, U will be translated to characters a, e, i, o, u respectively;
ii. the space character ' ' will be translated to underscore '_'
iii. digits 0, 1, 2, .., 9 will all be translated to '#'
iv. all other characters remain unchanged
The program then displays the translated character.

9Write a C++ program that reads from keyboard 3 words, with proper input prompt. Then for these 3 words that were read, the program displays first the word of the longest length, then the word of the shortest length, and finally the remaining last word. You may assume that these 3 words are all different in lengths, or consider a word to be of the longest length if no other words exceed it in length.

I would appriciate any help

>>can any1 here please write a code for me please????
Yes -- deposite $100,000.00 in my paypal account and I will do it for you.

But someone else already did this assignment for you. Just read your other thread.