Hi All!
Im creating a java web application.

I am finding a very little information on making forums/blogging/chatting application with java.

There is plenty of stuff that uses php/mySQL.

Should I learn php, or how to use java to interact with php, or are there tutorial, books or other sources you may now that i can use to help me learn? thanks!

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there are quite a few Java based forum applications, at least 2 blogging engines, numerous IRC applets, several wiki engines, etc. etc.

What you need is an understanding of the technology as well as what you're writing.

There's nothing special about writing forum software. It's the same as any other web application, if you know what you want.

THAT's why there's no special "writing forum software using Java in 24 hours" kind of book.
If there is for php that just shows the idiocy of the php community.


thank-you so much for your answer. yes, sure enough i have come across a good bunch of java open-source projects for forums, blogs, etc. : )

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