hi masijade,
tell me how to close the application using java.

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You can't. You aren't opening it with Java either. You are simply telling the browser what is being sent (the content type) and letting the browser decide how to display it. In this regard, Java has nothing to do with it.

Assuming that this question is related to

see i can open an application from jsp page through java coding now i want to close that opened application from the same jsp page through java.
can u understand my question.
if yes, send some related codes for this problem.

But, you are not opening the application with Java. That is exactly what I said in the last post. You are simply setting a content-type type (and filename with extension since windows is stupid enough to need this info) and then passing the file through byte for byte. How the file gets displayed on the client is determined by the browser.

I tell you what, change your file settings remove the ".xls" association. Then access an excel sheet using your JSP and tell us what happens. The browser displays a bunch of BS in the browser, rather than using excel to display the sheet, doesn't it?

Like I said, you are not opening excel on the client in your Java code, you are simply letting the browser know what it is you are sending, and the browser is deciding how to open it.

It's not that hard to understand.

heyy, but do u know how to close internet explorer using java program, which i opened using the syntax:

Runtime.getRuntime().exec(browserCommand+" "+Url_name);

Please let me know guys.. I want to know..

Process p = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(browserCommand+" "+Url_name);
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What `masijade` is trying to say is that, JSP is a server - side scripting language. You can't only affect the server with it, to control the client side, you need to use a client-side scripts such as JavaScript, etc.

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