Devlope a Pedel boat class and a Rowing boat class and mark a boat as hired, storing the customer name and time, return a boat's details as a String, including customer name and time of hire if it currently hired out, calculate the amount due on a hired boat, given the time it was brought back and make a boat that has been brought back available for rehire.

Then create a BoatHire Company class which holds a list of boats i.e. the name of the boats and type of boats, add a new boat to the list of boats owned by the company, display the details of all boats owned by the company, display the details of all pedal boats, display the details of all rowing boats, find an available pedal boat, find an available rowing boat, display the details of all the boats currently hired out, including the name of the customer who has hired each boat, and the time it was hired and find a boat given its id number.

Implementing user interaction via a Graphical User Interface (Swing or API). This will involve developing at least one extra class for the main method and GUI. Also saving and loading the data to/from file or using appropriate Java classes to manipulate the time

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This is not really a place for harmless challenges. This is a support forum so all posts (such as yours) are treated as queries unless otherwise, specifically, stated. "Challenges" could also be viewed as a lie to get an answer for homework (which is how I always view them, kids will do anything except the actual work to get an answer).

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