I'm doing a database project in c# and i have designed a ER diagram for it but i'm not sure if it is right can anybody possibly have a look at it for me to see if it is correct. If you can help me can you leave me a post and i will pm you the diagram,

Thanks for your help

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Thanks james i've sent you an e-mail, if anyone else can help i would also like second opinions


Few questions:

What database will it be for?

Did you use dia for that ?

What are the primary and forign keys in each table?

what does the users table do, are they meant to be the stock owners or are they for authentication?

Im also a bit confuse dabout what the Market Table does? Is FTSE a field or a record?

I think it would be better done by having a marketname field in markets and linking that to your stocks with a market field.

Here is a possible ER diagram with
some changes. Note the one to many relationship


I thought that the user entity was required to map the user using the system, and the ftse is a variable used to for when i data mine as one of the afeecting factors, i believe the foreign keys will be the rate from interest and the ftse value from the market table. The fste is bascially simliar to the interest rate as it is an external varibale i need to manipulate my code

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