hi my name is john i have been trying to learn how to design my own software.
i have been told in order to i must learn c++ i have just download
Visual C++ Express Edition

am not to sure what i am doing so if anyone could give me sum usefull link to get me on my way that would be great dont mean to waste your time thanks



But it is a little difficult to learn -- I'd suggest you start with Dev-C++ until you get your feet wet. There are several other free compilers too.

If you are interested in books then read one of the Read Me threads at the top of this board. It contains a lot of suggestions.

Visual studio is just a tool you could use to program C++. It won't learn you C++.

I think taking class is the best way to go.
Reading a GOOD book is the second option.
And you can always look for online tutorials, but the other 2 option would be better IMO.

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i realise it is goin to be difficult but i am willing to put a lot of hard work to do this and thanks for the tips ill go and get Dev-C++

thanks John

thanks niek i will get some books then and read up as much as i can thanks once again


another alternative which I personally feels is better than Dev-C++ is CodeBlocks. Dev-C++ IDE has not been updated for too long.