Hi all
i just want to know where i can get any java program of about 1000 lines of code BUT it should be open source.
looking forward to your help

in other words you want to steal someone's code and turn it in as your own for some school project.

No candy for you, cheater.

how rude of jwenting!!!!! if i wanted some code for a school project i would have mentiioned what type of program i want.
i just need a java porgram doing anything and written by someone else but i should have the access to modify it. Because i will use this program to do an evalution, i.e measuring its performance and how it could have been improved to make the code more efficient.
next time be sure before u make such a remark.

thanks jwenting!!!!!!!!!!

How about you write your own program, then evaluate it and see how the code could be more efficient.

Thanks for your help jasimp. If this was the case, life would be much easier. i would not be here, it seems as if i am "begging".
but its clearly mentioned to use someone else work, any1 or anybody, i.e CODE not written by you. because the idea behind is to improve the efficiency. i would evaluate the performance of that code and optimize it making it better, change the code, inefficient looping, and other stuff.
Anyways there is a reason for not using my code, if i use my own code, how will i improve it because i will work for the best.

yeah, that's what the homework kiddos always say when they try this trick.
If you really had such an "assignment" and you really wanted to do your work you'd also go out and look for your own "project" to "analyse" instead of begging for code.

hey guys.
just chill and forget this thread.
its very easy to poke at someone than to help.