I keep getting this error:
error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: struct IDirect3DDevice9 * __thiscall Engine::GetDevice(void)"

when I try to compile my project. MSDN says that IDirect3DDevice9 uses d3d9.lib, but it still won't work even with that lib in additional dependencies. (using VC++ 2008) I tried linking to a whole bunch of other libraries that sounded like they might have something to do with the Direct3D device, but nothing worked. Anyone know what I can do? thanks.

Edit: just fyi, I also got an error that Direct3DCreate9 was an unresolved external symbol, but when I add d3d9.lib, that goes away, but IDirect3DDevice9 stays.

Nvm - I had forgotten to define some prototypes having to do with the device. I'm not sure why that caused a linker error, but it works fine now.