Hi , this is the first time i ask for help here i have been searching for a good place to ask and i found daniweb i hope i be right of what i am thinking . and to get help from you guys. thank you here is the question . i dont understand what the question want and how to start.

we are giving a file that contians a collection of student names ( type string),id(type int) and score (type float) for an exam in computer coures. each student data is on a separate line. we have to compute the average of these scores and assign grads to each student according to the following

if student score is within 10points ( above or below ) of the average assign a grade of satisfactory .if student score is more than 10points point above the average , assign a grade of outstanding .if student score is more than 10points f the average ,
assign a grade of unsatisfactory .

use a student struct to store each students data. the struct should have a data member for name, id, score and grade. the output from the program should consist of a labelled
four-coulumn list that shows each student name, id, score and corresponding grade. the output should be saved to a file and displayed on the screen.

we should include some functions

float average(ifstream &, int &);

read exam scores into a student struc
student readstudentdara(ifsetram &);

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What don't you understand? You're given an input file with data in it. You have to set up a struct that can hold that data. You have to read the data from the file into the struct. Then, using the data you have read in, you need to calculate average scores according to the rules provided and display those reults to the console and write those same results to an output file.

Take it one step at a time. First, set up the struct. Then read in the file into the struct. Once you have solved how to do that, try to find the averages. Then display the averages/grades. Finally write those averages/grades to the file.


i have done that put the output which should be in the output file is not copying what should i do???

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