Hello all
i am deadly needed this
please any one have idea let me know

my requirement is
i am having 4 client computer and one server
my form1 have 10 buttons ( all client computer has the same form installed vb form on client side and database on server )
when i change color of a button on one clinet computer then that should reflect ( change the color of button in alll the client computers ) on all the client computers

please let me know how to do this

You need to save all UI controls settings in .settings file (which is located on the server) and on FormLoad read these settings. so when client opens its form it first goes to read UI settings (the color of button, the size of form, etc) this would be a solution.

hi- are you saying like if something happens on 1 computer that causes button1 to go from green to red on the other 4 computers you want the button to go from green to red?

i would suggest creating a record in the database that has the button color for each of the buttons. then have a timer that gets that value ever 10 seconds or so. whatever event causes the button to change colors, update the record in the database. then when the computers read the button color from the db.. all will update accordingly.

does this make sense?
time control + database = solution