Hi, i need a program which formats the floppy. Can you help me about this problem?

FDisk should work. A floppy is a normal FAT32-partition.

If not, I believe, you can find good codes for formating disks in FAT.

Yes but, assembly has some interrupts for floppy, the program i need must use these interrupts and i have to improve an algorithm and explain step by step can you help me because i know nothing about assembly programming.

Is it for an examination?

1) Go to microsoft.com and look for the official FAT32-documentation (it's quite good for microsoft-standart).

2) Some basic information:
The first sector which identifies the filesystem, size, etc is at the position (CMS) 0,0,0 or at the first cylinder (CMS) 1,0,0. Read it with INT13 (http://www.ctyme.com/intr/rb-0607.htm, http://www.ctyme.com/intr/int-13.htm).
Now dump these data and try to figure out the structures as promised in the docs.

Then you need to look for the table that saves which sectors are free (CMS/LBA). Should be given in the doc as well.

When you are lucky than that's all. Reading and writing the files/dirs to the disk can then be done by the OS.

When you have some stuff it would be nice if you drop me a line. I'm also interested in FAT.