Hello everybody, I am fairly new here. I was banned from another forum because of a false rumor that got to the administration. Anyway, just wanted to welcome myself.

Secondly, I am trying to learn C++ and I purchase a C++ book from a local book store. The book is part of the For Dummies series. Its called "C++ for Dummies."

I was just wondering, did anybody ever read this book and was it at all helpful, especially with the BUDGET program building through out the book?

The other question is, has anybody ever gotten the GNU program installed correct. I added the olfder to my C:/ directory which it states on the CD to do, but I seem to can't get the GNU program started.

Help me out please, it'll be useful. :cool:

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>Its called "C++ for Dummies."
I've come to the conclusion that the "dummies" part of the title is referring to the author. I suggest you look at another book. :) I always recomment "Accelerated C++" by Koenig and Moo as an introductory text.

>has anybody ever gotten the GNU program installed correct
Which GNU program? G++? To be perfectly honest, you would be better off starting with an IDE based program. A good one is Bloodshed's Dev-C++. Ironically, it also uses the GNU compiler as a back-end, so nothing lost. :)

Honestly, I am hard on spending money, how positive are you about these 2 books? Also, how much would a copy of Visual C++ cost, the software by Microsoft?

At the same time, how much would the Accelerated C++ book be? And what in heck can I do with this C++ for Dummies book, I done broke the seal in the back of the book to retrieve the C++ for Dummies disc. Could I still sell them both, their both in Excellent condition.

>I am hard on spending money
I feel your pain.

>how positive are you about these 2 books?
Well, I don't have a beginner's perspective, but the "for dummies" book is most certainly not a good introduction to C++, whether it's easy to follow or not. Accelerated C++ as I said is my usual recommendation because I can find no faults with it. Whether it works for you as a text, I don't know because as I said I can't look at books from a beginner's perspective anymore. However, from the standpoint of someone experienced with the language, Accelerated C++ is top notch and I can't see it being too difficult for a novice.

>how much would a copy of Visual C++ cost
At least $100US for the standard edition, more for the more powerful editions.

>how much would the Accelerated C++ book be?
The average for a programming book is $35US-$60US. My copy says $33.95US on the back.

>And what in heck can I do with this C++ for Dummies book
They make nice paperweights. ;)

In the end, it's your choice which book you get. But if I had my way you would only get good books to ease your learning of C++. One book will never be enough to learn the entire language, so if you're serious you'll be getting more. I have well over 300 programming texts on various topics, and my C and C++ library makes up a large portion of them. But my point is that you can learn proper C++ with a few bad books, but it's easier with good books and saves you the time you would lose by unlearning bad habits.

Thanks for the information man, greatfully helps me. 'Em, lets see, it all sounds like a great plan and all so I plan to purchase it if I can. Think eBay will be a good place to get it at?

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