i'm trying to build a webservice using c# .Net it works fine on local host but how do i call it from client side using ASP script and also how is it that i uplaod this webservice to internet(sorry!! for a silly question but iim new to .Net so dsnt actually know about it)

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What IDE are you using? If you're using Visual Studio, or one of the Visual Studio Express Web Developer editions, you publish the web service application to a Web Server just as you do a normal ASP.NET web application. Use the "Copy Web Site" wizard from the Website menu.

If you're not using a version of VS, then you need to provide details of your environment.

On a personal note, it's ok if your English isn't "perfect", but please make an effort to use proper pronunciation and to avoid abbreviations.


You can call the webmethods of the webservice in asp normally as u call methods once you have the reference of the webservice in yur application.Regarding deployment,if u use Visual studio,u can deploy in the regular ways as that of websites (web setup projects or copy website)

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