Hi folks

Not sure if I’m in the right forum for this question but here I go anyway (sure I’ll get pointed in the right direction if I’m not). I’m doing a course , of which one of the subjects is micro processors(PIC16F877), I’ve really taken to it and decided to get a little bit more involved, we’ve been using MPLAB IDE v7.20 I’ve found the debugger MPLAB sim very frustrating as I can’t workout how to input stimulus( therefore) coming unstuck every time I need to simulate a input during debugging , is MPLAB ICD 2 worth the investment? Is it useful?(claims it is able to do live debugging) Or am I better off plodding along with the free MPLAB sim?

You might want to look at the PICkit 2 Debug Express.
I haven't used either but it supports ICD and you could save yourself 100 euro if it's good enough for what you need.